Facilitator's Guide

The Facilitator’s Guide is a core component – it features step-by-step instructions and tips for teaching the 4-hour, self-facilitated Road Trip workshop. Each section lists the learning objectives, materials and components needed, and estimated time to complete.

The slides for each section are duplicated in the book to help you manage transitions and the flow of the session. If you do not have a copy of the Facilitator’s Guide, you can purchase it here.

Workshop Schedule

The Facilitator’s Guide includes tips and suggested modifications if you have more or less time available than the recommended amount. You can find more on the first page of each section.

Duration (minutes) Topic Format
15 Welcome and Introductions Activity
45 Risk Assessment Exercise Activity
15 Break Break
10 How to Play Road Trip Slides
60 Road Trip Game Activity
15 Break Break
30 Project Management Concepts Slides
30 Lessons Learned Exercise Activity
20 Debrief and Closing Discussion

Materials List

ComponentQuantity Needed
Facilitator’s Guideone copy
Road Trip: A Project Management Learning Gameone game for every 3-5 participants
Participant Workbooksone per participant
Participant certificates of completionone per participant
Flip chartsone per table or group
Flip chart markersone per participant
Sticky notesat least one pad per participant
Pens or pencilsone per participant
Display screen or projector to display slides

Presentation Slides

The slides have been combined into a single presentation for your convenience. If you prefer, each section is also available as a standalone slide deck. The slides, templates, and workbooks are simply components – you may combine, adapt, or modify any of the elements to suit your own schedule and learning outcomes.

Full Workshop Slides

If you do not need to edit the slides, you can simply present from this embedded window. Click the fullscreen option to launch.

Slides By Section

Please note that the PowerPoint versions will not play the timer slides. You can click on the timer to visit YouTube and play the video from there.

Risk Management Google Slides PowerPoint
How to Play the Board Game Google Slides PowerPoint
Project Management Concepts Google Slides PowerPoint
Lessons Learned Google Slides PowerPoint