The Project Management Workshop your team will love

PM Training for the Rest of Us

Road Trip is a learning experience designed to introduce, teach, and reinforce project management concepts. This workshop is highly interactive with activities and a board game designed specifically for teaching project management. Best of all, it’s fun

Who it’s for: Professionals who need to do project management, but don’t need an expensive and lengthy certification.

"Best session I’ve attended in a long time. Very engaging and encouraged collaboration and information sharing. Perhaps the highlight of the conference!"

You will need a facilitator’s guide, a participant workbook for each participant, and a copy of the board game for every 5 participants.

4-hour Workshop in a Box

  • Risk Management Activity: Assessment, evaluation, and mitigation
  • Road Trip Game: Full cooperative board game
  • Project Management Concepts: Presentation slides
  • Lessons Learned Activity: Group activity and worksheet for conducting lessons learned (aka project post-mortem)
  • Debriefing and Closeout: Discussion guide and wrap-up activity
  • Facilitator’s Guide: Step-by-step instructions and tips on how to conduct the workshop (60 pages)
  • Participant’s Workbook: Self-assessment, activity worksheets, templates, quick reference guide, workshop evaluation (12 pages)
  • Road Scholar: Certificate of completion for each participant
  • Digital Toolkit: Participant access to templates and resources

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How many do I need?

I will have participants in the
project management workshop.

You will need:

  • 1 facilitator’s guide
  • 1 Road Trip board games
  • 5 participant workbooks

Road Trip Board Game

It’s the Great American Road Trip and you and your friends are eager to get going. Where will you go? Do you have everything you need? What could possibly go wrong?

This board game is the centerpiece of the Road Trip project management workshop. You will need one game copy for every 5 participants.

The game can be used as a standalone tool independent of the workshop.

This cooperative board game teaches project management concepts and skills through the lens of a group road trip. Players have 30 days (schedule) to complete their trip with as many objectives as possible (scope), while managing limited funds for fuel, food, and lodging (resources). Of course, no road trip is without peril – flat tires, fender benders, and getting lost can happen to the best of us (risk management).

1-5 players, 90 minutes

Participant Workbook

This 12-page workbook contains the participant’s materials used in the 4-hour Road Trip workshop. Each participant needs a copy of the workbook. Each workbook comes with a Road Scholar certificate of completion.

  • Self-assessment
  • Risk identification
  • Risk assessment matrix
  • Risk management template
  • Quick reference guide for Road Trip board game
  • Project management concepts
  • Lessons Learned
  • Workshop evaluation

Facilitator's Guide

This Facilitator’s Guide features step-by-step instructions and tips for teaching the 4-hour, self-facilitated Road Trip workshop. Each section lists the learning objectives, materials and components needed, and estimated time to complete. It also offers tips and suggested modifications if you have more or less time available than the recommended amount.

The slides for each section are duplicated in the book to help the facilitator manage transitions and the flow of the session.

Workshop Format

Duration (minutes) Topic Format
15 Welcome and Introductions Activity
45 Risk Assessment Exercise Activity
15 Break Break
10 How to Play Road Trip Slides
60 Road Trip Game Activity
15 Break Break
30 Project Management Concepts Slides
30 Lessons Learned Exercise Activity
20 Debrief and Closing Discussion