Professional Development and Training Games

Road Trip: A Project Management Learning Game

It’s the Great American Road Trip and you and your friends are eager to get going. Where will you go? Do you have everything you need? What could possibly go wrong? Manage your schedule, scope, and resources to succeed – and don’t forget risk management!

The Curse of the Help Desk

A customer calls your IT Help Desk. You answer politely. Something is wrong – and not just with the Customer. The clock is ticking. Can you identify each other’s issue before time runs out? In this hilarious cooperative card game, Help Desk Consultants and Customers work together to solve each other’s problems.

Product Management Game: Higher Ed Edition

Play the role of a Product Manager or one of the Stakeholders: CIO, Engineer, Faculty, or Student. Quickly react and adapt to ever-changing forces from vendors, legal, competitors, users, and your institution. Gain the support of stakeholders to keep your product from falling apart and taking you with it. Are you up to the challenge?