A customer calls your IT Help Desk. You answer politely. Something is wrong – and not just with the Customer. The clock is ticking. Can you identify each other’s issue before time runs out? In this hilarious cooperative card game, Help Desk Consultants and Customers work together to solve each other’s problems.

2+ players
15 – 30 minutes

Game Play

Play as either the Help Desk Consultant or the Customer. The Customer presents the case by reading the opening line. From there, the Consultant must ask questions and deduce the solution from the Customer’s clues. For an optional, added challenge (and a lot more hilarity), the Customer can choose a character card and the Consultant can complete challenges throughout the case. The round is completed when the Consultant correctly resolves the case.

As a Training Tool

The learning outcome is to “think like a troubleshooter” by listening carefully to customer clues, asking insightful questions, eliminating useless information, and narrowing down possible root causes.

This game is most effective when used with a “coach” – an experienced Help Desk consultant or manager who can provide feedback and advice throughout the game. For more experienced players, feedback may be reserved until after the game. This can also be used in a group setting, with peers watching as an audience. The audience might also suggest constructive advice and tips for the players.

In some organizations, this game may be used early in the on-boarding process (to help introduce the concepts) or later (to validate the players’ training). Experienced staff will recognize and enjoy the “pulled from real life” wacky cases, as well as the challenges and characters.

One theme throughout the game involves service-level agreement (SLA) – what is or is not supported, how cases may be referred to a different departments, etc. You should determine your own policies as appropriate for your organization.